The 3rd Economy Transdisciplinarity Cognition (ETC) International Conference

has as general theme:

Corporate Social Responsibility in a Permanent Changing World

and is organized by

George Bacovia University in Bacau, Romania 

in collaboration with

Cooperative-Commercial University of Moldova

 The event will take place in Bacau during the 13th – 14th of May 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a research theme for academics, industry and politics. Mainly, CSR is about individuals that hope to be respected and considered by the business sector, especially when thinking about big corporations. The old excuse “business is business” should be improved by another syntagma: ”business is made by people for people”. Otherwise, business may invoke crime or lack of respect towards humans as an excuse when focusing only on profit. Right and left ideologies may meet in order to create a better social balance. Some consider that corporations should be generous to other people under the form of returning some of their benefits to the society they are living in. Of course, this theme is not connected only with economics or politics. It is a matter of good practices, of moral and legal conduct and of marketing-management techniques. Perhaps it is more than that, but we expect to find it out from the papers presented at this conference.